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Reliance has to been accomplished by a common propose. Based on this policy AvioniQ takes care to be involved with the individual customer requirements and needs. Based on long term experiences in aviation business activities we are able to provide effective technical solutions for individual challenges or engineering standard tasks in form of services, engineering, consulting and training.,


AvioniQ offers technical and conceptual solutions alongside the product life cycle process(e.g. V-Model) in form of:.

  • safety and reliability assessment
  • functional and detailed design
  • requirement engineering with system lay out and architecture
  • model design (Simulink)
  • test concepts and test specification with turn-key solutions for test means and tools
  • process support for implementation, integration, verification, qualification and certification


Sometimes it needs an external point of view to establish new management approaches, different kinds of design processes or new untypical technical design solutions. With soft skills and established competences in project process optimisation we support you to find out an efficient way to reach your design objectives or streamline your design workflow processes. Independent if you need a customised overall process solution or purposive support in single software- or hardware development phases. In detail we can offer excellent skills for:

  • management, planning and control activities
  • individual system design process adaption conform ABD 200, ARP 4761 or ARP 4754
  • individual equipment hardware or software process adaption conform ABD 100, DO-178B and DO-254
  • individual verification process adaption conform Gress-CAM (AP1013), AMD24 and DO-160 test and verification
  • We assist you by the definition or evaluation of quality gates and design reviews in direction qualification or certification liaison processes.


Today the demands for integrated design processes with nested interface activities leads to interactive and optimised process structures to warrant faster cycle times with reduced cost by nevertheless high quality standards. Therefore AvioniQ established early practical concepts to generate successful design life cycle processes. We offer operating support with preparation of customised design process instruction (Verfahrensanweisung), quality management instruction (Qualitätsmanagementhandbuch). With these core competences for customised design standards, quality gates and review guidelines we can support customer in direction specific certification (ISO9001, EN9100 and EASA Part 21).


AvioniQ gives professional education to be reliable in aviation design standards e.g.

  • safety and reliability assessment conform ARP4761, AM2316 and ABD 200
  • system design ABD200, ARP4754
  • equipment design ABD100, DO-178B, DO-254, GRESS-CAM
  • test and verification (DO160)
  • qualification and certification liaison activities
  • EASA Part 21